Look And Feel Better Once And For All

Im sure a lot of my overeating through the years was to please my mother and other people who worked hard to cook good meals for me. I didnt want to let them down! Ken Blanchard Before Is there one reason most diet or exercise plans go wrong? Diet plans and exercise plans can get boring and repetitive if they arent personalized to your own needs and preferences. Everyone is at a different stages of development in the various areas of health and fitness. For example, when I started my fitness journey, I was a beginner in aspects of fitness such as strength training and balanceso I needed extra direction and support in those areas. However, I have always been an expert at getting enough sleep, so I could handle a delegating leadership style there! Goal Setting Lets talk about goal setting. Some business leaders have goals at work, but dont set or commit to personal goals. Why is that? Many business people tend to ignore personal goals because making a living is their highest priority. I think some people become human doings, not human beings. They are good at setting goals around what theyre doing at work but not if the goal concerns their own health and fitness or spending time with their families or other important people in their lives. Dont forget the quote about how nobody on their death bed ever wished they had spent more time at the office! Ken Blanchard After Whats it like for you to be fit again?
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