Women And Minority Leaders Are Penalized For Fostering Diversity, Study Finds

The white male HR manager advocated for each of the four candidates, each to a different audience. The white female manager advocated for either the white male or white female candidate, while the non-white male manager promoted the white male or nonwhite male applicant. Additionally, the nonwhite female manager advocated for either the white male or nonwhite female candidate. The study’s authors found that, like the bosses in the field study, the students penalized the minority and female presenters for seeking to foster diversity. To solve this problem, the authors suggest that white males be recruited to play a larger role than they now do in diversifying the workplace. Currently, women and minorities typically take on this responsibility. While conceding the approach to be counterintuitive, they cite the success of the United Parcel Service, where the white male CEO serves as the leader of the company’s diversity council. Another approach they said businesses should consider is to simply measure and reward the degree to which people hire and promote individuals who are demographically dissimilar from themselves.
For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit http://mashable.com/2014/07/18/hiring-diversity/#:eyJzIjoidCIsImkiOiJfMDE1dW42ZXpjaWJwdnA3ZiJ9


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